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Candidates that use “Pro-Education” vs “Pro-PUBLIC Education” are missing a word.

District 27 residents received this mailer yesterday from the Kansas Republican Party: Did you notice what word was missing? PUBLIC. Sean Tarwater has blocked funding for special education and advocating for an interim committee to study special needs funding when we have a BILLION dollars in surplus is NOT pro-education in the slightest. Sean helpfully […]

KC Star Calls Sean Out…

The KC Star is not mincing words here. Sean apparently thinks he will cruise to re-election if he doesn’t talk at all. You can see my answers at the link in the bio or on my website. Thank you to the KC Star for the opportunity to share my views with voters.  Given his more […]

These Signs popped up overnight last week…

And they are filled with “alternative facts”, something we used to simply call a lie. Let me show you each lie one by one. Lie #1: Leadership. If our Representative shows “leadership”, why does he vote in line with the most extreme agenda of the KSGOP? Why didn’t he demonstrate political courage by voting outside […]

District 27 Boundary Confusion

District 27 – The map on top is what your current representative has on his website. The problem is…our district boundaries changed with redistricting…that our representative voted for.   D27 was gerrymandered to protect the seat for R’s in 2022. And yet, the map on the bottom (which is the correct map post 2022 redistricting!) shows […]

More Constitutional Amendments?

Just say no to constitutional amendments! The state of Kansas currently has a Republican super majority in our state legislature. We are better served with bipartisanship, as we saw when value them both was rejected in large margins. Our State Constitution is our superpower. Don’t let a single party with tunnel vision alter our superpower.  […]


Rumors are flying and it’s best to just dispel any lies at the outset. I DO NOT support raising taxes.  Check out the graphic for what I DO support regarding taxes.  Spoiler: we can responsibly cut taxes in a multitude of ways. Let’s do this, Team Kansas!