Loyalty Oath?

I have long suspected Republicans take a loyalty oath to the party upon election and only recently saw it confirmed in writing, buried deep into this article from the Sunflower State Journal (see link below for the full SSJ article – thanks Brad). 

There is a reason we do not have moderate Republicans in the legislature any longer – and why Republicans vote in sync in Kansas without any effort at compromise. 

It is why special education funding passed for 22 minutes and a motion to reconsider was brought, and enough Republicans changed their votes so that special education funding would fail. 

It is why every Republican voted in favor of the Value Them Both Constitutional Amendment being put on the August 2 primary ballot and not the November 8 general election where turnout is typically higher.  

The only oath our elected officials should be swearing is to the Constitution of the State of Kansas and the United States. The fact Republicans are swearing an oath to a party instead of to their constituents is deeply concerning and we need to be clear that it is why the legislature is so extreme. 

It is unacceptable to put allegiance to a political party over the allegiance to the good of the state you serve. 

Ask your representatives about loyalty oaths and ask yourself if that truly represents you.

And if the answer is no, please know that Republicans can vote for Democrats in this election to break the supermajority. We can and should expect more from our elected officials than petty partisanship in service to a loyalty oath. Politics requires nuance. Failure to employ that nuance has led to what feels like a changed Republican party to one that no longer represents moderates. It’s a sad understanding indeed.

Let’s do this, Kansas. Let’s vote Team Kansas. Let’s break the supermajority.