Blue Valley Candidate Questionnaire- Abortion Rights

It is a shame Sean continues to dodge public accountability on his views (link to Blue Valley Post day 3 article is below). These questions were submitted by community members – there is no agenda and is simply an opportunity to convey your views.

My response to question 3: Abortion

The Value Them Both Constitutional Amendment was legislative overreach. It was misleading and lacked exceptions for rape, incest or the health of the mother. It was incredibly vague, opening the door to whatever regulations the Legislature wished to implement. I voted no, as did a majority of Kansans and 62.6% of District 27 voters. We said no and the Legislature should respect that. However, the proponents of this Amendment have given no indication they will respect the vote so voters should expect to see this come back again and again unless we repudiate it in November by voting out the members who voted to put this on our ballot.

I am an attorney, a mother and Catholic. I believe abortion is healthcare and should be safe, legal and rare. The treatments for a miscarriage and an elective abortion are often the same and abortion bans will result in untold harm to women unable to access appropriate medical care. The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists oppose abortion bans. Why do our legislators think they know more than the doctors who research and treat women? As a mother of four boys, I am intimately aware of the effects of pregnancy and childbirth on a mother’s body and ultimately, any and all decisions regarding reproductive healthcare belong between a woman, her family and her doctor without government intrusion.

If we truly desire to lower the rate of elective abortions (a laudable goal), we should increase reproductive education, improve access to contraception, living wages and affordable childcare. There seems to be a lot of confusion about whether ectopic pregnancies (where the fertilized egg implants in the fallopian tube) are considered abortion and if the fertilized egg can be removed and re-implanted in the uterus. These discussions miss the point entirely which is an ectopic pregnancy requires medical treatment by medical professionals, not the lawyers at the hospital seeking to determine if the woman’s health is sufficiently at risk to intervene and treat her ectopic pregnancy.

Abortion is already subject to multiple regulations, and I am comfortable with the current regulations of abortion in Kansas, with the glaring exception that abortions are healthcare and should be treated in a hospital setting rather than a clinic besieged with protestors. As a lawyer, a woman and a mother, I expect the Kansas Legislature to accept our No vote. No means No. 

Be wary of info dropped at your door that does not appear publicly when a candidate was given an opportunity to do so. These questions were sent to us weeks ago so there has been ample time to prepare responses.

We truly deserve better. We deserve a forthright representative, not someone who refuses to answer relevant questions about our views on current issues.

Voting starts today by mail and this Saturday in person. Make your plan to vote for a representative that will answer your questions respectfully. We do not have to agree on everything to learn from one another.

It is time for change in Topeka.


Christi Pribula
Candidate for HD27
Ad astra per aspera