Blue Valley Post Candidate Questionnaire-Inflation

Another day, another lack of response by the incumbent to reader questions submitted to the Blue Valley Post.

My response to question 2: Inflation

Rising costs have been painful across the board and managing the trajectory of inflation should be handled at the Federal level. There are certainly measures the Kansas Legislature can and should implement to ease the tax burden during this time of rising costs. The Legislature should immediately end the grocery tax completely and stop playing partisan games with our tax money. The Legislature should also look at ending the sales tax on feminine hygiene products and diapers, as well as eliminating the sales tax on over-the-counter drugs.

Kansas should also be funding the Local Ad Valorum Relief Tax Fund (LAVRTF) as required by Kansas law, which returns a portion of our taxes to our local communities to lower property taxes. This has not been funded in years, pushing our tax burdens even higher. Not only that, but the Kansas House Democrat caucus has introduced the Miller-Amyx Property Tax Plan to responsibly reduce property taxes. The Kansas Legislature should also look carefully at the personal property tax we pay on cars as decreasing or eliminating that tax could have a meaningful impact on the most residents.

The bottom line is Kansas has rebounded economically under Governor Kelly’s leadership and we have surpassed $14 billion dollars in new private sector investment during the Kelly Administration. Under her leadership, Kansas taxpayers have saved $750 million in interest payments by retiring debt and paying cash for projects – available because of the surplus in the Kansas budget. The fiscal responsibility that has been utilized in the Kansas budget has opened the door to reducing taxes sustainably, expanding Medicaid and fully funding special education. Utilizing the Kansas surplus to make meaningful change and simultaneously relieving the tax burden of Kansas taxpayers in a sustainable manner is the right thing to do. 

We deserve transparency and accountability from our elected officials. It’s time for change in Topeka.

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Christi Pribula
Candidate for HD27
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