Blue Valley Post Candidate Questionnaire- School Open Enrollment

These questions are due by 5 p.m. the day before publication. Sean has had ample time to complete these softball questions and still refuses to do so.

My response to question 4: Open Enrollment

Many school districts spoke up against the open enrollment bill that is set to be enforced in 2024, as well as the Kansas Board of Education, which stated “Frankly, it is disappointing to see this proposal, not only because of the loss of local control, but also for the promotion of distrust in local school board decision-making.” I concur with the Kansas Board of Education and with Blue Valley School District and have concluded that it is an unfunded mandate on school districts that will direct more funds from the operating budget to administer the program instead of the classroom. This bill requires school districts to accept all transfer students no matter when they transfer during a school year without any guarantee of funding to follow that child. Class sizes will balloon and with classes at capacity due to transfer students, what happens to a child who moves into district boundaries during the school year?

It is important to note that school districts already had and do have their own transfer policies. Ultimately, transfer policies are best managed at the local level where the decision-makers are those elected in that district. Given the diverse needs across Kansas, what is sensible for one is often not sensible elsewhere – and that is why local control matters. Public schools are a public good and we should fund them fully, including special education, so that every child can access a quality education no matter where they live in Kansas. We need to look no further than our neighbor, Missouri, and the crumbling public education system that is forcing some Missouri schools to 4 days a week or virtual programs to see why we should stop these mandates on schools. Each of these unfunded mandates imposed by the Kansas Legislature is designed to further build distrust in our local school districts. We must call out these attempts to disrupt our public education system and vote accordingly – at this point, the only party in Kansas that supports our public education system are Democrats. 

This is egregious that Sean declares himself transparent when he makes so little effort to inform voters. Meanwhile, he sent out a mailer today patting himself on the back for bringing “the motion allowing school boards to set capacity on open enrollment, that may have overrun our school system.” Let’s be clear, he was for it and voted for it and this is a tacit acknowledgment that he *knew* open enrollment runs counter to school district interests that he supposedly represents. 

Local school districts and educators testified against this bill that our legislature approved anyway.

On November 8, let’s vote Sean out. Vote for Christi. 

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Christi Pribula
Candidate for HD27
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