Candidates that use “Pro-Education” vs “Pro-PUBLIC Education” are missing a word.

District 27 residents received this mailer yesterday from the Kansas Republican Party:

Did you notice what word was missing? PUBLIC. Sean Tarwater has blocked funding for special education and advocating for an interim committee to study special needs funding when we have a BILLION dollars in surplus is NOT pro-education in the slightest. Sean helpfully reminds us that he has served on the K-12 budget committee and the Kansas Republican Party are trying to hoodwink you into thinking that he has cared about public education. He does not. His kids have not attended public schools, so he is making rules for your kids, not his.

If you watched in wonder as special education funding passed last session as I did, only to see it fail upon reconsideration 22 minutes later, do not believe for one second that the KS GOP supports public education. Kansas has a BILLION dollars in surplus and funding special education at the state level would take approximately 10.5% of that. Kansas kids are worth it.

They deserve full funding of their public schools, including special education

His statement that he motioned to allow local school boards to set capacity “including zero” on the open enrollment bill is preposterous. If a child is not allowed to transfer, they can appeal, and appeal and appeal, over and over, wasting even more money that could go to the classrooms. Seem unlikely? Recall that the Kansas Legislature ENCOURAGED parents to sue school districts over public health decisions – Districts will be reluctant to deny transfers and will not feel free to set capacity at zero, despite Sean’s dishonest statement that they can do so.

Blue Valley, Shawnee Mission and Olathe Schools ALL submitted testimony OPPOSING this legislation (among other non-Johnson County school districts) with the main reason that it is an administrative burden that has been added without funding – an unfunded mandate designed to direct more dollars away from the classroom.

Please see which education advocacy groups have endorsed candidates and if a candidate claims to be “pro-education” that is not on the endorsed list, please reach out to the education advocacy group. They would be happy to share information about why they did or did not endorse a candidate. If you do not know where to start, Stand Up Blue Valley, Game On For Kansas Schools, and Freedom to Learn are just a few of the local advocacy groups who have made it their mission to protect public education and inform voters of what is happening in Topeka that undermines our public education system.

Vote for your schools, for the teachers that made a difference in your life, for Kansas kids. Vote for the candidates that public education groups have vetted and endorsed. For the incumbent candidates, the omission of endorsements should be a red flag. Full stop.

Polls are open in Johnson County NOW. Get out and vote for supporters of public education who not so coincidentally also support your rights to reproductive access.

In August, we saw what can happen when people vote for their values and their communities – let’s stun the world and #votelikeakansan again this November.  #christi4kansas