District 27 Boundary Confusion

District 27 – The map on top is what your current representative has on his website. The problem is…our district boundaries changed with redistricting…that our representative voted for.  

D27 was gerrymandered to protect the seat for R’s in 2022.

And yet, the map on the bottom (which is the correct map post 2022 redistricting!) shows the density of NO votes in each precinct in this gerrymandered District. 63% No – 37% Yes.

We deserve better. We deserve representation that will update their website with a correct map (that is bare minimum competence) and will respect our District’s NO vote. Why? Because our representative REPRESENTS US! We said no and he still defended VTB again last night at the forum with mistruths. It’s time for a change.

Reproductive freedom is on the ballot again this November. Make your plan to vote.