KC Star Calls Sean Out…

The KC Star is not mincing words here. Sean apparently thinks he will cruise to re-election if he doesn’t talk at all. You can see my answers at the link in the bio or on my website. Thank you to the KC Star for the opportunity to share my views with voters. 

Given his more extreme positions on abortion rights, Medicaid expansion and medical marijuana, our district deserves answers. 

We need to hold our elected officials responsible for failing to show up in public forums. Sean is the incumbent. He is our representative but refuses to provide information. 

We deserve a representative that answers emails and phone calls and willingly provides answers in public forums. That is a baseline service to constituents. But knowing your positions are unpopular and choosing to remain silent is simply unacceptable for an elected official. Vote him out this November. It’s time for change in Topeka. 

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Christi Pribula

Candidate for HD27

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