More Constitutional Amendments?

Just say no to constitutional amendments! The state of Kansas currently has a Republican super majority in our state legislature. We are better served with bipartisanship, as we saw when value them both was rejected in large margins. Our State Constitution is our superpower. Don’t let a single party with tunnel vision alter our superpower. 

Also, anyone want to take a deep dive on why VTB was on the August ballot, and we have TWO more on the ballot in November?

I actually changed my voter registration following the decision to put women’s rights on the August ballot a few years ago. When I expressed my dismay to Sean Tarwater, the response he sent back didn’t pass the smell test.

The truth is there is NO good reason that VTB was scheduled for a projected low turnout primary ballot in a midterm year. If you sincerely believe that voters agree with your position, why wouldn’t you want it on a ballot with higher turnout? 

My values do not align with a supermajority willing to draft a purposely misleading Constitutional Amendment and the legislature’s vote to put it on August ballot. We deserve transparency from our elected officials and solutions that will unite us instead of the continuous attempts to divide us.

If you want more info about these upcoming Constitutional Amendments, message me. And if you are in District 27, I would appreciate your vote as I seek to bring transparency with regular town halls and forthright leadership to our District.

Onward, together.