These Signs popped up overnight last week…

And they are filled with “alternative facts”, something we used to simply call a lie. Let me show you each lie one by one.

Lie #1: Leadership. If our Representative shows “leadership”, why does he vote in line with the most extreme agenda of the KSGOP? Why didn’t he demonstrate political courage by voting outside of the dictates of his party leaders? You can see a record of his votes alongside the rest of the House and Senate at the end of this post. It is worth checking out.

Lie #2: Pro-Education. This is a massive lie. Not a single education group has endorsed Sean this cycle. Not one. And this is not a surprise following his vote to allow statewide open enrollment (an unfunded mandate that will take even more dollars out of the classroom to administer) and his vote against fully funding special education (after supporting dyslexia programming covered by special education). He claims schools are funded under the Gannon requirements (a Kansas Supreme Court decision that found Kansas kids are guaranteed a funded education under the Kansas Constitution) – and he knows full well that special education funding is a matter of state law. The KS Legislature is not enforcing their own laws. And in case you didn’t know, Stand Up Blue Valley endorsed Sean in his first election when he told everyone he was a moderate. They have not endorsed him since. They have endorsed me this election cycle. As has KNEA, KPAC, and Game on for Kansas Schools.

Lie #3: Transparency. He hasn’t even updated his website! His “Tarwater’s on Tap” have not occurred in years, and he still lists a closed business as the location. Not only that, but he also has the old District 27 boundaries listed on his website. This is particularly ridiculous because he voted for those gerrymandered maps…. after reportedly playing on his phone during the redistricting hearings. And to add yet another example of the lack of transparency, how many times has Sean spoken about VTB following August 2? Zero. Not once. Why? Because our house district voted NO by 63%. That is a hefty majority for him to have to explain so instead, he just will not mention it and hope we do not notice.

Map on Sean’s Website Map with new boundaries (in shades of No vote Blue)

Lie #4: Common Sense. I’m struggling to find where Sean has exhibited common sense in the legislature. See the failing to fund special education above while we have several billion dollars of surplus in the Kansas budget. Or claiming to support schools which is a demonstrably false claim. Or expand Medicaid which will inject an estimated billion dollars into the Kansas economy and provide coverage to 150,000 Kansans. Expanding Medicaid is good for business and people in Kansas.

All those big signs that popped up last week. They are bought, just like Sean, with special interest donor dollars. Sean votes the way he is told to by leadership.

We deserve better representation. We deserve a representative that will listen to our various perspectives and not simply vote party line. We deserve a representative that will show political courage, standing up for what is right even if not politically expedient.

It’s time for change in Topeka. Check your registration at If you have moved, you need to update your registration by October 18. Advance voting starts October 22. Election Day is November 8. Your vote matters. Please vote Christi for Kansas in HD27.